Highlight of the Week

Rich Chaudhary

Year: 2017
School: School of Arts and Sciences
Concentration(s): Biology and South Asia Studies (Pre-Med)
How did you get involved with SAS? I was always a fringe member.
What other activities are you involved with on campus? Friars Senior Society, Oracle Senior Society, United Community Clinic, PAACH Board of Advisors, ASAM Undergrad Advisory Board, SAST Undergrad Advisory Board
Can You Describe Your Favorite Of The Aforementioned Commitments in Detail (ex: what do you like about it the most, how did you get involved, etc.) I would say that I'm most involved in Friars Senior Society. We're the oldest senior society at Penn, founded in 1899, and my class is made up of 39 members. Vishal, the previous SAS President, tapped me, and by some stroke of luck, I got in. Friars is an organization that recognizes campus leaders from different areas of Penn and brings them together to bond and support each other during their last year of college. I'm currently the head of the group, which has been an incredibly rewarding and insanely positive experience. We hang out a few times per week, and always go to each other's shows, games, and events. We're a really crazy and fun-loving bunch, but my favorite aspect of Friars is that each member has so much to offer. There's never a dull moment around them, and in only a year, I've made so many amazing friends through this organization. I'll definitely miss them so much when after I graduate!
Fun Fact That People May Not Know About You: I can speak five languages!
Best Memory at Penn: These four years have gone by so quickly and I've been incredibly lucky to have had so many insanely good memories - it's hard to pick just one!
Life Advice for Underclassmen: I would say to underclassmen to not take your time at Penn too seriously. Yes, Penn is important, but don't get too caught up in the intense professional and academic pressure that exists here. The things we take away from Penn are the experiences we've had here outside the classroom and the relationships that we've built. Never stop exploring the people and different communities here. Keep pushing to expand your horizons by having meaningful conversation with people that aren't like you.