Highlight of the Week

Tanvi Patel

Year: 2018
School: Wharton
Concentration(s): Wharton - OID and Healthcare Mangement, Pre-Med (Minor in Chemistry)
How did you get involved with SAS? I first heard about SAS through various friends who were involved on board and on the various performing arts teams. I got involved as a way to support my friends as well as a way to meet many more people in the community.
What other activities are you involved with on campus? I am currently involved in the Hindu & Jain Association, a volunteer for ServiceLink, & a Wharton Peer Advising Fellow.
Can You Describe Your Favorite Of The Aforementioned Commitments in Detail (ex: what do you like about it the most, how did you get involved, etc.) The Hindu & Jain Association is my favorite commitment. The ability to put on events to celebrate Hindu & Jain holidays is really fulfilling, especially when so many people from the greater South Asian community attend our events. The best part of my involvement was having the ability to shape the club and see it grow into what it is today.
Fun Fact That People May Not Know About You: I was born in Nairobi, Kenya.
Favorite Late-Night Snack on Campus Candy & Coffee from Wawa
Favorite Late-Night Snack on Campus Depending on the week, either in Huntsman or Distrito.