Celebrating Culture


Cultural diversity and unity are essential for humankind. Cultural diversity promotes social development. Diversity also plays an important role in the development of society. For example, race, ethnicity, gender all play a part in the shaping of culture. Nature has endowed every person with unique qualities and characteristics. The history of humankind is diverse and diverse cultures can be seen around the world. People of different cultures and colors make up the beautiful tapestry of humanity. Despite differences in culture, we share commonalities that unite us as a human race.

We live in a multicultural society and there is no single race or nationality that can claim to be superior to another. There is no need for world domination since we all belong to the same race. Our differences are what make us special. People of other races are not inherently inferior or superior to one another, they should be treated fairly regardless of their color, background, and ethnicity. It’s important that the government ensures equality among all individuals regardless of culture because everyone deserves equal rights. Human diversity is vital in the development of society.