Throughout the year, the University of Pennsylvania puts on a number of events for both SAS members and also other students in the greater Philadelphia area. Scroll through this page to read about upcoming and annual events!

Upcoming Events


Mini Cultural Show - Fall 2019

With a focus on incoming students, the UPenn SAS Mini Cultural Show is a gathering of all SAS teams (head over to our menu to learn more) to showcase incredible talents! This year, enjoy performances and introductions to our music and dance groups.

SAS Cultural Show - Fall 2019

Our largest annual performance event is jam-packed with fascinating talent and hard work! SAS performance groups and teams put on a show for all members of the community. Watch your friends perform at Irvine Auditorium!

Back to School - Fall 2019

Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

Other Annual Events


Freshman Dinner

A chance for incoming freshman to be welcomed in-person to the SAS community!


Symposium for Awareness of South Asian Issues (SASAI)

A week-long intercollegiate conference designed to create awareness about social and political issues and encourage activism. In addition to Penn students, we invite the greater Philadelphia area to join in on the event, featuring numerous discussion workshops, charity events, and cultural activities.


SAS Semiformal

An annual classy night to spend with the SAS community! Guaranteed to feature beautiful fashion, food and/or drink, and amazing friendships.